I have recently published my first book, with the title:


Everything you ever wanted to know about Triathlon, and more…

All of you know me as a triathlete but as I have stated many times over the years, I love sports. So much so that my first degree is in physical education (BSc University of Athens). My love of sports, and triathlon in particular,  has prompted me to sit down and write a book of my experiences after 35 solid years of sports, at least 15 of which with triathlon.

My goal was to keep this book simple and accessible to all athletes, regardless of their knowledge level. This will also apply for the upcoming English edition of the book. I will keep you posted as to the progress of the translation.

Though this book is mainly on triathlon, I want to stress that all endurance athletes can benefit from this book as each of the three sports involved in triathlon is analyzed separately according to its own specific needs.

For more information you can contact Armida Publications, at, or me at

The English edition comes in Kindle and Paperback, and you can find it at Amazon

If you are interested to order the Greek edition, you can find it at Perizitito, which is  online bookstore



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