Rome 1960. First death during Olympics in result of doping

Knud Jensen was a Danish cyclist whose death in 1960 during the 100km road race heralded the age of Olympic doping. Jensen and a team-mate both collapsed.

At first it was thought they had suffered sunstroke, but when the autopsy was conducted on Jensen it was discovered that his death was the result of ingesting amphetamines and nicotinyl tartrate as a stimulant to blood circulation. There was no rule against it at the time or for another seven years and it was 1972 before testing began.

From  Daily Mirror

Schleck gets yellow jersey for 2010 Tour win

MONDORF-LES-BAINS, Luxembourg (AP) Almost two years later, Andy Schleck has his yellow jersey for winning the 2010 Tour de France.

The Luxembourg rider finished second in the race, but Alberto Contador was stripped of the title for failing a doping test.

Schleck has repeatedly said the decision to give him the title felt like a hollow victory since he did not win it on the grueling roads of France. Contador lost the title when sports’ highest court in February rejected his story that contaminated meat caused the failed drug test.

”It is two years after, but I will never forget this tour it has been a very good tour,” Schleck said.

The jersey was handed over Tuesday in a ceremony attended by Tour de France organizers. It came on the eve of the Tour de Luxembourg, a tuneup for the Tour de France, which starts June 30.

”It is not the same as to take the jersey on a podium in the tour,” Schleck said. ”You don’t have the podium girls, everything around is different.”

Contador, who also won the Tour in 2007 and ’09, tested positive for clenbuterol during a Tour rest day in July 2010. He was still considered the winner when the Tour ended that year.

The verdict by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland, was delivered 566 days after Contador rode triumphantly along the Champs d’Elysees in Paris.

After the jersey was put on Schleck, Tour de France manager Christian Prud’homme said too much time has gone by for ceremonies such as this.

”Sports authorities must work on reducing this lag in case of cases just like this one,” he said

This year, Contador has already missed the Giro d’Italia because of looming suspension. He will also miss the Tour de France and the London Olympics, but can ride in the Spanish Vuelta, which begins Aug. 18.

3rd annual mountain 15k run – Green Race-Trrodos mountain CYPRUS

Troodos mountains in Cyprus. Esperanto: La mon...

Troodos mountains in Cyprus. Esperanto: La montaro Troodos en Kipro, kun la kipra monto Olimpo. Polski: Góry Troodos na Cyprze. Русский: Гора Олимп в Троодосе на Кипре (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dro.Me.A Racing with coorganizer OPAP Cyprus organize the 3rd annual 15k BECEL PRO.Activ GREEN RACE. Sponsors of the event are BECEL PRO Activ,FBME BANK,WEBARTS DIGITAL AGENY and supporters are FRENCH EMBASSY, GET OUT STORE and COOP NICOSIA
The amazing course for the mountain run race in Troodos with a distance of 15km kicks again this year on Sunday the 24th of June (START: 9:00 am- REGISTRATION 730am-830am).

The race starts (starting area) from Troodos square with a direction towards Olympus peak and its beautiful slopes (1953 metres altitude). The course passes through the wonderful natural trails of ATALANTI and ARTEMIS and with an initial level of difficulty within the first 2-4 km.

After this there is a perimetric flat route of 10km until the finish line back in Troodos square. The route aims towards spreading the message to all visitors of the Forest, to respect the environment and their surroundings.

The race is underr tha auspices of KOEAS


For more information call 99336089,99473538, 99311278,99611974

“Adventure Race” 3.5km

In a relatively small and without significant technical difficulties course, you will have the opportunity to run between the pine trees of the Troodos forest with its wonderful smells of blossoms and flowers.

The course starts from Troodos square and follows an asphalt route for approximately 500 metres and then enters a forest path and especially built for the race track.
The uphill sections have a very low inclination, which would turn running into a real pleasure. The finish line is at Troodos square.

The categories for this course are:

Boys 15-18 yrs
Men 19-19yrs
Men 30=39yrs
Men 40-49yrs
Men 50+
Girls 15-18 yrs
Women 19-34yrs
Women 35+

“Children’s Run”, 800m

A small course round Troodos square will be ready for our young participants up to 14 years old.

Best way to watch Triathlon at the Olympics for free at Hyde Park

 Guaranteed Entry Tickets are now available to reserve for BT London Live in Hyde Park on the triathlon event days of Saturday 4 August & Tuesday 7 August.

Due to the Women’s and Men’s Triathlon events taking place in Hyde Park, the BT London Live site will open at the earlier times of 7:00am on Saturday 4 August and 8:30am on Tuesday 7 August. Guaranteed Entry tickets will be valid from 7:00am – 9:00am on Saturday 4 August and 8:30am – 11:30am on Tuesday 7 August. If you don’t want to be out on the course then BT London Live is a great place to watch the event live on the big screens.

Tickets are available to reserve from 5:00pm GMT on Monday 28 May from

That’s a great site to check,  if you live in London, or if you will be there during Olympics and don’t want to spent a lot of money on entry tickets.

You can also watch the Olympics from your computer, at the

This site is showing every sport live and is free.

Triathlon tip: Stick to your coach’s prerace plan

In the week leading up to the race, follow your training plan. While you may feel that you are not doing enough or should be doing more, remember that there is not much you can do to improve your race performance but there is a lot you can do to hurt it. Sneaking in extra workouts because you do not feel prepared will only hurt you come race day.

Triathlon Training program 28.5.2012-10.6.2012

For the next 2 weeks  we will not be training with high intensity. Our body and mind needs a break from these tensions, since  last training cycles worked at high intensity corresponding to the anaerobic threshold and above (pulse Zones 4 and 5).

Even riding up a hill we must try to keep our pulses in the aerobic range (zone 3).

The aim of the next 2 weeks is to work our aerobic base at swimming, cycling and running, and begin a more systematic job with body weight exercises for strenth.

This time, instead of a detailed program, i will write the mileage we must fill in every sport for each week. Try to cover those kilometers within those limits. My personal goal for example is 5 km swim, 70 km running and cycling 200 km per week.


4 -6 km, one of the workouts should be 1 x 40 minutes free style non stop.


160 to 200 kilometers, one of the workouts should be 80 + km.


50 to 70 kilometers, one of the workouts should be 18 + km


2 to 3 times a week  cover the following  repetitions. Do as many sets you need to:

1) Several abdominal exercises 150 reps

2) Various exercises for the back 100 reps

3) pull ups at the horizontal bar with several handles 30 to 50 repetitions

4)  push ups 110 to 150 reps

5) Single leg squat  (without weights) from 40 to 50 reps each leg (for example 4 x 10 each foot).

This program normally takes about 40 minutes to do.

We will do the long runs together on Saturdays on the mountains and the long cycling rides on Sunday.

For the other days I’ll be on the pitch for a run around 5:45 – 6 am and i will leave on Wednesdays 5:30 am for about 2 hours cycling. I do not favor strict appointment (to rest a little from me) but if someone wants to go together, especially on Wednesday, please  send me a message.

Next workout with  intensity: Saturday 9.6.2012 mountain.
Next races that can run without changing something in our training, are:

1) the Olympic Day Run 5km, Saturday 16.6.2012,

2) the mountain run race in Troodos mountains 16 km Sunday 24.6.2012,

3) the race of our friend’s gym,  Sergi, Fit and Fun race 5 km Saturday 30.6.2012 and

4)at swim Bay to Bay swim1.9 km who is organised from English bases to the sea in my village Episkopi, usually the last Friday of July.
Also have in mind my plan for a really long mountain  cycling  before August’s holidays, having in mind the route Nicosia, Pareklisia, Kellaki, Eftagonia, Arakapas, Sykopetra, Palaichori and back in Nicosia, which is estimated at 150 to 170 km .To do this you must do at least 2  riding 100 + km.

Cyprus Triathlon: Galea too strong for Cypriot challengers

An article from Maltese newspaper Times of Malta , that describes the races of our Cyprus International Triathlon race last week, from the eyes of the Maltese winner, Keith Galea.

” Keith Galea carried the honours in the Volkswagen International Triathlon, organised by the Cyprus Triathlon Association in Limassol, on Sunday.

This was the Birkirkara St Joseph triathlete’s third success on the trot away from our shores following his previous successes in Israel and Sicily in the span of a few weeks.

In Limassol, Galea com-pleted the race in one hour, 57 minutes and 17 seconds, beating the rest of the field by over one minute.

On Sunday, he had to deal with the challenge coming from Cyprus national team members Marian Cosmos Costantin and Stavros Antoniou, both of the Famagusta Nautical Club.

Knowing beforehand that they were particularly good in the cycling segment, Galea surged into the lead from the very start of the race. His swim time of 19 minutes in the 1,500-metre course, was two minutes faster than that of his nearest rival.

He further improved his gap with an efficient swim-to-bike transition before starting the undulating 40-kilometre cycle that included four laps on a steep hill.

Galea pedalled at a relentless pace to sustain as wide a gap as possible over his nearest pursuers ahead of the 10km run.

His time in the bike was one hour, two minutes, 25 seconds, which reduced his provisional lead to just over one minute.

However, his performance in the run was second to none. He covered the distance in 35 minutes and 50 seconds to win the race in a personal best time.

Second place was a close affair between the two Cypriot internationals. In the end, Costantin edged past Antoniou in the final stages to register a time of 1:58.25, just 34 seconds faster than his compatriot.

Galea is sponsored by Starbene and is currently in the 20/20 Elite Scheme under the tutelage of the Kunsill Malti għall-Isport.”

Well done Keith, great race, waiting for you next year again! Good luck to your next races.