Triathlon Training Program 26.6.2012 – 1.7.2012

Since we have no other major races this season, to keep our training until the end of July, I chose or created three events, one for each sport. On Sunday we will  race the  mountain run 15 km .This race is best suited for our purpose as a pleasant change from the rest of what we did this year.

Then we will reduce the run and put the emphasis on cycling, where Friday 6.7.2012 will go the long route i have planed, ie Nicosia-Limassol-Agros-Nicosia distance 150-170 km

After that, we will slow down on the run and bike and will emphasize swimming, until the  open sea, Bay to Bay Swim, 2 km distance race, which will probably be Friday 27.7.2012.




1) 5:45 English School. Those who run the mountain race 40 minutes running loose. The remaining warm up and 1 x 5000 zone  3.4 (approximately 19, 19:15). 5 minutes rest and 1×2000 the same pace.

2) 30 minutes swimming zone 2


1) 5:00 Agrotis parking  cycling Macheras-Gouri-Nicosia, around 3:30 hours, 2.3 zone

2) 40 minutes weight training


1) 40 minutes Running zone 2

2) 40 minutes swimming zone 2


1) Farmer 5:30 for 2 hours bike zone 2.3

2) 40 minutes weights training


1) Agrotis parking 5:15 for 1:20 running mountain belt 2.3

2) 30 minutes swimming zone 2


1) Agrotis parking  5:30 for 85 km bike (Larnaca). Last great.


Triathlon Training Programm 18.6.2012-25.6.2012

After racing the weekend (Olympic Day Run and Aquathlon) our team will not do any cycling this week, so to focus on the mountain Race on Sunday.


45 minutes swimming


1) 5:45 English School, 20 minutes warm up, 6 x 4min uphill, 2 min interval, zone 4

2) 40 min body weight exercises


1)50 run zone 2,3

2) 40 min swimming


5:45 English School. 25 min warm up zone 2, 20 min zone 3 (4:25/km) 5 min easy run

2) 40 min body weight exercises


1) 40 min run zone 2,3

2) 40 min swimming




15 km Troodos mountain run race



Triathlon training program 11 – 17.6.2012

After 2 weeks of successful loading (18.5 hours / week), we reduce the hours of training again and add higher intense to our program.


45 minutes swimming zone 3.4


1) 5:45 English School 15 min warm up, 6 x 100, 5 x 1000 in 3:35 to 3:40 with 3 minutes break. zone 4

2) 1:20 bike, zone 2,3


1 Agrotis parking 5:30 for 1:45 – 2 hours bike zone 2.3

2) 40 minutes body weight exercises


1) 1:10 Running Zone 2.3

2) 45 minutes swimming zone 2.3


1) 50 minutes run with 10 x100, zone 2,3
2) 40 minutes body weight exercises


1) 45 minutes swimming zone 2

2) Race Olympic Day Run 5600 meters


Agrotis parking 5:10 for 85 km mountain ride

Triathlon Training program 28.5.2012-10.6.2012

For the next 2 weeks  we will not be training with high intensity. Our body and mind needs a break from these tensions, since  last training cycles worked at high intensity corresponding to the anaerobic threshold and above (pulse Zones 4 and 5).

Even riding up a hill we must try to keep our pulses in the aerobic range (zone 3).

The aim of the next 2 weeks is to work our aerobic base at swimming, cycling and running, and begin a more systematic job with body weight exercises for strenth.

This time, instead of a detailed program, i will write the mileage we must fill in every sport for each week. Try to cover those kilometers within those limits. My personal goal for example is 5 km swim, 70 km running and cycling 200 km per week.


4 -6 km, one of the workouts should be 1 x 40 minutes free style non stop.


160 to 200 kilometers, one of the workouts should be 80 + km.


50 to 70 kilometers, one of the workouts should be 18 + km


2 to 3 times a week  cover the following  repetitions. Do as many sets you need to:

1) Several abdominal exercises 150 reps

2) Various exercises for the back 100 reps

3) pull ups at the horizontal bar with several handles 30 to 50 repetitions

4)  push ups 110 to 150 reps

5) Single leg squat  (without weights) from 40 to 50 reps each leg (for example 4 x 10 each foot).

This program normally takes about 40 minutes to do.

We will do the long runs together on Saturdays on the mountains and the long cycling rides on Sunday.

For the other days I’ll be on the pitch for a run around 5:45 – 6 am and i will leave on Wednesdays 5:30 am for about 2 hours cycling. I do not favor strict appointment (to rest a little from me) but if someone wants to go together, especially on Wednesday, please  send me a message.

Next workout with  intensity: Saturday 9.6.2012 mountain.
Next races that can run without changing something in our training, are:

1) the Olympic Day Run 5km, Saturday 16.6.2012,

2) the mountain run race in Troodos mountains 16 km Sunday 24.6.2012,

3) the race of our friend’s gym,  Sergi, Fit and Fun race 5 km Saturday 30.6.2012 and

4)at swim Bay to Bay swim1.9 km who is organised from English bases to the sea in my village Episkopi, usually the last Friday of July.
Also have in mind my plan for a really long mountain  cycling  before August’s holidays, having in mind the route Nicosia, Pareklisia, Kellaki, Eftagonia, Arakapas, Sykopetra, Palaichori and back in Nicosia, which is estimated at 150 to 170 km .To do this you must do at least 2  riding 100 + km.

Triathlon Training Program 14 – 20.12.2012

Last week of our racing cycle. Easy, refreshing program until Sunday’s race. Watch your body weight and not to become sick with flu (very common before major races, because our immune system is not that strong after all that hard training).


A) 30 minute swim, preferably at at the sea, Zone 2,3


6:30 English school 20 min. run warm up, 10 x 100, 3 x 1000 3:40 (Zone 4)


A) 6:30 Agrotis parking, 15 easy cycling to Logos radio station, 3 x 2 laps (2 km each)  Time trial, Zone 4

B) 40 min. Swim Zone 2,3


50 min easy run, Zone 2,3


A)40 min run with 5X200 race pace

B) 30 min swim continues zone 3




Olympic Distance Triathlon Race. Good luck to all of us.

Triathlon Training Program 30.4.2012 – 6.5.2012

On Monday we will start  the second 3-week cycle in order to match the peak at Olympic Distance Triathlon on 20.5.2012. It will be 2 weeks  difficult training and 1 recovery – taping:

Cycle 2, Week 1

30.4.2012 – 6.5.2012


Workout 1: 50 minutes easy running, Zone 2.3

Workout 2: 50 minutes swimming, Zone 3.4

Tuesday ( holiday):

6:30 am, Golf English School, Training 1, bring bikes, turbo trainer, pulse meter,  running and cycling shoes, extra vests and electrolytes:

10 min. run, (20 bicycle turbo trainer, the first 10min.  120 to 130 pulses, the remaining 10 to 145-155 + 10 min. outdoor jogging speed zone 4, the 2000 meters target under 8 minutes, pulse 165 to 173.) X 3

Training 2: 30-45 minutes body weight  exercises.


Training 1:

6  o’clock.Cycling. Start by Agrotis bookstore parking. 40 km, duration 1:40; route Tseri, Kotsiatis, Nisou, Latsia. Zone 3

Workout 2: 45 minutes swimming Zone 2.3


Training 1: 5:45 am  English School: 15 running loose, 50 minutes 4:25 to 4:30 pace per kilometer rate, 10 minutes 4 minutes per kilometer, 5 minutes recovery, Zone 3.4

Workout 2: 30 – 40 minutes strength exercises


Workout 1: 40 minutes easy running, Zone 2

Workout 2: 40 minutes swimming, Zone 2

Workout 3: 40 minutes cycling, Zone 2

All three low intensity. 2 of these may be consecutive.


5:15 departure with cars from Agrotis  bookstore for  Machairas picnic area. 1:40 run from St.  Onoufrios to Stavros  1 minutes fast- 1 slow (about 12-13 reps). Zone 4. Continue until  the Kakokefalos path (zone 3) and return from the trail . Carry fluids with you.


6  o’clock.Cycling. Start by Agrotis bookstore parking. Warming up to Potamia  and 3 fast laps of 12 km, 6 together drafting and the remaining 6 faster in almost everyone’s maximum speed, no drafting. Rest 4-5 minutes after each lap. Zone 3.4

Triathlon Program 23-29.4.2012

After the difficult  last month’s training cycle, and the  Sunday’s race, this week we needs to rest, both physically and spiritually. One way is to not get in a rigorous program.

Monday surely rest, from Tuesday – Friday to focus on strengthening exercises, Stretching, and aerobic exercises but other forms than we usually do. Runners can try swimming, cycling, elliptical, etc. Triathletes swim without tension with emphasis on technique, cycling with mountain bike, elliptical, running barefoot, etc.

Next team meeting on Saturday, 5:15 am  at Agrotis parking for 1:20  mountain running. Sunday begins a new training cycle with 4 hours cycling, probably to the top of Tzonia mountain and back. Appointments 6 a.m. at Agrotis parking.