Cycling: Tour of Cyprus 2013

PODILATOKINISI CYPRUS CYCLING ASSOCIATION and Andy Hadjivasiliou the organizers of the unforgettable and entirely successful Tour of Cyprus 2010 and 2012 with 130 International participations from 18 countries and many Cypriot cyclists are delighted to announce that the next Tour of Cyprus will take place on 29 March – 1 April 2013

Registrations on the ToC web site will open on December 15 and close on 31st January 2013.

Please make sure you register in time, take advantage of the SPECIAL OFFER(S) and make your planning accordingly.

The “Tour of Cyprus” (ToC), is a large scale international cyclosportive event in the Republic of Cyprus. ToC is a professional multi stage endurance “Tour de France” style event and is open to atlhets, amateurs and cyclosportive riders.

“Tour of Cyprus” (ToC) is aiming apart from local participations to encourage international cyclists to live their passion outside of their country and enable them to discover new horizons, in terms of both sport and culture. At the same time ToC is promoting charity organizations in raising funds for their noble goals.

In 2013 cyclists will complete a 3 days tour of approximately 300 km. There will be two groups. Group A and Group B or otherwise the FUN group. Group A (racing group) ride will include certain long time taking sections. Group A will use only road bikes. Group B riders will do the same routes with lower speeds and no time taking sections.

Group B riders have the option to complete as many stages or distance as they wish or feel fit. Group B can use any type of bike.

Riders from any group can enter the broom bus or a support car if they wish to interrupt at any time or due to emergency.

ToC 2013 ROUTES:

By popular demand from the riders of previous tours and for more efficient and less complicated logistics all 3 stages will begin and finish from our base hotel in Limassol. Each stage/day will be circular and towards different orientation every time. That is, there will be a stage towards the mountains area nort of limassol, a stage towards east with more flat terrain and finally a stage towards west. Detail routes and maps of the stages will be uploaded here and on FaceBook in the next few days.

Each stage takes riders through the beautiful landscape of the Republic of Cyprus. There are also sections of the Tour that include rides through major cities and picturesque villages. The entire ride will be fully-supported.

For mor informations you can visit the site


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