European Triathlon Union to develop Cross Triathlon European Series

English: New York State Federation Cross Count...

English: New York State Federation Cross Country Meet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In September 2012 the President of the European Triathlon Union, Renato Bertrandi, and Island Group GM Sandro Salerno, signed an agreement to create and start the first official Cross Triathlon Circuit in Europe.

The circuit, called “ETU TNATURA CROSS TRIATHLON EUROPEAN SERIES” will consist of various races amongst the 41 nations which are part of European Triathlon Union.

The 2013 Cross Triathlon series will begin with three races across the Mediterranean and Central Europe. All of the locations offer fantastic scenery and high quality race courses.

The 2013 season will act as a pilot with the aim to develop a full scale race project for 2014.

Sandro Salerno of Island Group said: “TNATURA is a brand that will help the development of Cross Triathlon in Europe.

“We are certain that participants in Off-Road Triathlon will double in the coming years, not only because there is a strong demand from European athletes but also because of the presence of highly professional organisers across Europe.

“We have already received several requests from organisers who would like to host a race within the new European circuit.”

ETU President Renato Bertrandi said: “I am happy that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Island Group as the race organiser of the European Series of Cross Country races.

“The circuit has the purpose to focus the attention of media and athletes to Cross Country Triathlon and provide quality and environmentally friendly events.

“We are all confident of the success of this circuit named TNatura.”

If any organisations are interested in hositng a race on the ETU TNatura circuit, please contact the ETU office or Island Group at the following address

Anyone who might be interested in getting more detailed information about the new circuit can contact the organisation team at


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