New Tour De France winners 1999 – 2005, after Lance Armstrong stripped his 7 titles

The 2003 Tour de France on Alpe d'Huez, with L...

The 2003 Tour de France on Alpe d’Huez, with Lance Armstrong, Tyler Hamilton, Ivan Basso, Haimar Zubeldia, Joseba Beloki and Roberto Laiseka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These  cyclists finished second to Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong during Armstrong’s seven consecutive victories and are in position now to move to the top spot, after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Thursday night it will strip Lance Armstrong of his unprecedented seven Tour de France titles:

1999: Alex Zulle, Switzerland

2000: Jan Ullrich, Germany

2001: Jan Ullrich, Germany

2002: Joseba Beloki, Spain

2003: Jan Ullrich, Germany

2004: Andreas Kloden, Germany

2005: Ivan Basso, Italy

Let’s assume Lance Armstrong is guilty. What about those runner ups?

Alex Zulle, Switzerland. His 1998 team, Festina, was ousted from the Tour that year in connection with the widespread use of the performance-enhancing drug EPO. Zulle later admitted to using the blood-booster over the four previous years. The Festina affair nearly derailed the 1998 Tour, and is widely seen as the first big doping scandal to jolt cycling.

Jan Ulrich was suspended for two years for a doping violation related to a Spanish police investigation into an illegal performance-enhancing drug network and all his results after May 2006 were annulled.Ullrich was stripped of his third-place finish from the 2005 Tour and retired from racing two years later. Earlier this year, he confirmed that he had had contact with Eufemiano Fuentes, a Spanish doctor at the centre of that scandal, calling it a “big mistake” — but did not admit to doping.

Joseba Beloki, Spain. Implicated in Operation Puerto, he retired in 2007. He was reportedly was cleared by a Spanish court of any involvement in the case.

Ivan Basso, Italy. Excluded from the 2006 Tour because of his involvement in Operation Puerto. He claimed that he gave his blood to Fuentes — the Spanish doctor at the centre of that scandal — but never used it. Later that year, Basso received a two-year doping ban; he later returned, and won his second Giro d’Italia in 2010.

Andreas Kloeden has also been accused of doping in 2009 by experts tasked by the University of Freiburg to probe the work of two doctors in charge of medical support for the T-Mobile team in 2006.


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9 Responses to New Tour De France winners 1999 – 2005, after Lance Armstrong stripped his 7 titles

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    So they’re going to strip Lamce of his titles, with no real proof just so they can give those titles who have retired from cycling under far darker clouds than LA did. That almost makes sense. Damned dopes…

  3. pierroware says:

    There is heaps of testimony and the 1999 positive and… If there was no proof Armstrong would be fighting it.

    Of the replacement winners, I think Beloki might have been clean. Zulle may have been in 1999. Basso, clearly not. If you watched the Giro that year it was pretty clear.

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  7. Jakey says:

    None of them were clean now were they? If you won you were on EPO, Testerone, and Blood Transfusions. My true belief is that if this is still not the case then how are so many riders at or near the 50% Hemocratic level??
    I love cycling but the Truth is that the UCI are useless. I would love to see Wiggin’s Hemocratic levels through 2012.

    • swimbikerun1 says:

      Thanks Jake for you comment. That was the point of my post. They took Lance’s titles, but did they went to better hands? At least lance was a legend, and he gave so much back to the sport by inspiring millions of people to start cycling.

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