Triathlon Pre-Race List

Every time I run in a triathlon race and brew my clothes the day before, I feel something between removal and illegal immigration. I need 3 bags (and 1 bicycle of course) to fit all. To be sure I got all that and not come last-minute surprises, I have a list that I consult every time. Approximately valid for all, since most objects are the same, but it is good to have your own, individual list. Here’s mine:


wet suit

Triathlete swimwear

2 caps

2 Swimming Goggles

1 pair flip flops




The bike


cycling shoes


tools, extra tires

pump large and small


running shoes

sun hat




powder (put in your shoes to slip)

a water bottle with water

2 bottles of isotonic drink

carbohydrate gels (with or without caffeine)

toilet paper

Health certificate


dry clothes

belt for the number


ipod with my favorite songs to listen in the car

rubber bands to fasten the shoes on the bike

sellotape to fix the gel on the bike

Here is picture of my triathlon race items:

About swimbikerun1
Devoted Father, Husband and Employee.Endurance sports fanatic (running,cycling,swimming).Triathlon athlete and coach.If only days had more than 24 hours.

2 Responses to Triathlon Pre-Race List

  1. bearrunner says:

    It feels like packing for a week vacation just packing race gear for 1 race

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