Triathlon Training program, 26.3. – 1.4.2012

For the English speaking fellows of our triathlon team, i am writing our training program in English, translating from my Greek speaking site christostriathlon.

Racing season begins today. We will make 2 training cycles of 4 weeks each, aiming optimal performance at  the games on 22.4.2012 and 20.5.2012. I will not write a detailed plan at swimming, as most swim clubs organized them.for our team.  In key workouts I write location and time to gather more people as possible. Basic rule a) the sessions start exactly on time and b) Everybody welcome, but if friends in cycling is very slow at some point be separated.

Cycle 1, Week 1

26.3.2012 – 1.4.2012


Workout 1: 50 minutes easy jogging

Workout 2: 50 minutes swimming


6 am, English School Track Station, Training 1:

15 running, 10 x 100,   (1 x 1000 – 3:45 sec, 1 x 400 – 78 sec, 1 x 200 – 36 sec) x3, 5 λεπτά Recovery

Training 2:  1 hours riding loose in the small pulley


Training 1:

6 day Cycling Running + (Small bag with running shoes on the back). Start by parking Agrotis bookstore. Warming up to “track” (2 kilometers turn around the TV station ” O Logos”). 10 turns with fast spins (90 +) in the low pulley and a straight sprint each lap. At the end of 20 minutes running easy.

Workout 2: 45 minutes swimming


A 6 am workout  English School Track: 20 running loose, 40 minutes 4:25 to 4:30 pace per kilometer, 10 minutes 4 minutes per kilometer, 5 minutes recovery


Workout 1: 40 minutes easy jogging

Workout 2: 40 minutes swimming

Workout 3: 40 minutes cycling

All three low intensity. 2 of these may be consecutive.


5:15 departure from Agrotis bookstore for  Machairas picnic area. 1:20 mountain running with at the continuous uphill 1 minutes fast – 1 slow (about 12-13 reps).


7 am appointment with bikes at a petrol station near the CT “Saint Therissos” (exit Nicosia) or 7:05 in LIDL Latsia. Warming up to Potamia village   and3  fast laps of 12 km, the 6 as possible together, the rest quickly everyone in almost it’s own  maximum speed. Rest 4-5 minutes after each round.


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