London Olympics Dream Is Over For Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe

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IAN Thorpe was beaten like never before in his failed Olympic comeback bid, but said it was the most fun he has had in the sport in years.

Article by HERALD SUN

“It’s crazy, I do (enjoy it more now),” Thorpe said at the post-mortem to his failed swimming comeback.

“You can have tremendous success and not be enjoying something and I have had bitter disappointment here and I still am enjoying what I’m doing again.

“I guess the light at the end of the tunnel for this week is realising that even though those results weren’t what I wanted, I am enjoying this and it’s why I will continue to push through.”

After so much fanfare, Thorpe’s Olympic comeback was sunk in 50.35sec as he placed 21st in the heats of the 100m freestyle yesterday, unable to even reach the top 16 semi-finals.

For a champion who accumulated five Olympic gold medals, 11 world titles and 13 world records, it was a deflating defeat.

Thorpe, 29, knows his legend may have been diminished, but he doesn’t care.

“When I started this, I realised that was a risk, that I would damage what people’s memories were of what I did,” he said. “And it’s something that I didn’t care that much about.

“I was happy to put it at risk because I saw more value in doing this and trying it out than whatever I would do to those accomplishments.

“I don’t regret giving this a go. Compared to how I have raced before and how I have competed, the success that I have had, this does look like doom compared to it.

“But I’m glad that I was willing to put myself out there to give this a shot and I’m pleased with that part, and disappointed that it hasn’t been the result that I wanted.”

Thorpe has yet to decide his next move. He wouldn’t rule out the 2016 Games in Rio, but it is highly unlikely.

His only aim is to return to the selection trials for the 2013 world titles in Barcelona and be fast enough to make the team.

“Failing something is a great motivator,” he said.

“It’s pretty obvious, it’s just not a pleasant thing to go through.

“I think I’m pretty close to where I need to be. Hopefully it’s less than 12 months.


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