Bus driver jailed for attack on cyclist

A bus driver who used his bus like a ‘weapon’ to knock a cyclist to the ground has been jailed for 17 months, a court official said. Gavin Hill was shown on CCTV in an exchange with cyclist Phillip Mead before he lurched the bus sharply into the cyclist’s path, throwing him from his bike. Watch the video of the attack at the Guardian

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3 Responses to Bus driver jailed for attack on cyclist

  1. bgddyjim says:

    In the course of about 1,500 riding miles last season, I saw a total of two stupid drivers – both turned in front of me, forcing me to brake hard to avoid getting run over – and one angry driver who gave me the one fingered salute simply for being on the road, but nothing like that. 17 months isn’t long enough for attempted murder.

    I’d like to think the penalty would be a bit harsher in the US. It never ceases to amaze me, the animosity cyclists have to deal with in the UK.

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