Triathlon Brothers in arms

Image text hereBrownlee brothers: Hoping for Olympic one-two in London

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee talked about the London 2012 popularity contest and triathlon strategy as they discussed their Olympic hopes with Sky Sports.

The Yorkshire brothers finished first and second at the last World Championship and will be red-hot favourites to claim the title between them at London 2012.

Alistair says that having his brother around to constantly push him has helped both of them to become two of the best triathletes in the world.

“I think so far it’s helped us in lots of ways, especially pushing each other on in training,” Alistair told Sky Sports News Radio. “Travelling to races together is easier and it helps to cope with the pressure and being away from home.

“In race situations it’s helpful from the start line helping each other tactically to get the best possible result and have an advantage for both of us. So all the way up from the build-up to the Olympics in the race itself it’ll be a great advantage to both of us.”


Alistair shaved a minute of Olympic champion Jan Frodeno’s time when winning the World Championship over the Olympic course in Beijing last year, but Jonny says there are plenty of other contenders for London gold.

“Triathlon’s one of those sports where anyone can win on the day, it’s very, very tactical, it could be a swim break away or on the bike a few people could sneak away,” said Jonny. “The London course is very twisty and turny so a bike break could get away.

“Obviously the main threat is Javier Gomez and Jan Frodeno, the champion in 2008, then there’s a few people who’ve medalled at the Olympics before – Simon Whitfield and Bevan Doherty are getting towards the end of their careers but they’ve already got two Olympic medals each.

“There’s some great athletes out there. (Alexander) Bryukhankov was second in London last year, so he’s consistent, Sven Riederer has medalled in the Olympics before and he’s getting better, so triathlon is one of those sports where anything could happen.”

Despite Alistair being a double world champion, and the prospect of the brothers medalling for Great Britain at a home Games, the duo are still overshadow by more well-known Olympic names, not that it bothers them one bit.

Popularity contest

“If you take it purely statistically you’d say ‘how could they say they’re more likely to win than me? But that’s not it, it’s a well-known popularity contest and that side of it doesn’t bother me at all,” said Alistair.

“I’m not bothered at all that Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah have got more recognition and are more well known, that’s not what I do sport for, in some ways it’s nicer that I can get on with my life and training and go to events and be a little bit less well known.”

Although they are fiercely competitive amongst themselves, the Brownlees will have no problems helping each other out during a triathlon to get ahead of the field, before fighting out the finish between them.

“In races it’s very positive to have my brother there. On the start line it’s someone to talk and to relax with, when you’re in the race you’re looking out for each other, you’re not going out of your way to help the other person but you’re not trying to hurt them either.

“If there’s a bike break up the road you’re going to work together because it’s in both your interests to bring it back.

“If you’re in a break there’s two people who will commit to keeping you ahead, even running you can share the pacing to help each other out so there’s loads of ways we can help each other.”


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