Asthma and Sports? Absolutely!

World Health Organization (WHO) recently fugures out that about 150 million people suffer from asthma worldwide. The inflammatory disease of the airways causes the bronchi to cramp. Due to the experienced impaired breathing during physical exercise, asthmatics often avoid sports activities. But they should not! Not only physical fitness may decrease progressively; even light physical exercises can cause enormous difficulties in breathing. A study reveals that asthmatics that do sports suffer less from asthmatic attacks and can cope with their disease considerably better.

Many people concerned are not sufficiently informed about their disease: Therefore, the fear of suffocation determines their whole life. The most common reasons for an asthmatic attack are allergies, not-allergic stimuli such as smoke or dust, and also physical effort. Right medicine, as well as breathing therapy, and sports help asthmatics to handle the disease. In physiotherapy the patients learn to focus on their body and to control their breathing. Breathing exercises, relaxing techniques, and specific muscle training strengthen the respiratory tract.

A good medical care is vital to practice endurance sports despite asthma. Suitable sports for asthmatics are the dynamic ones, such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, or rowing. Sporty activities with sudden movement like football, sprint, tennis, or squash, however, should be avoided. A doctor or trainer should help to develop a suitable training program. People with allergic asthma have to pay special attention to the weather and surrounding area. Sometimes indoor training might be the right solution. Anyway, a spray in case of an emergency as well as a peak flow meter should always be near during the training session. Training in a group can be recommended, too.

Sports and asthma can go together! Star athletes like Dennis Rodman or Paul Scholes demonstrate it. It is just essential to learn how to handle the disease in order to live without the typical anxieties and doing sports consciously and with fun.



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