How Identity Theft Works


Mass email Phishing email Spoof website


  1. A criminal sends thousands of emails at random. These emails appear to come from a well-known company.

  2. The email will typically urge you to click on a link to update some information. The link takes you to a fraudulent website that mimics a real company website.

  3. On the fraudulent website, you’ll be asked to provide sensitive information. Phishing attempts trick you into thinking that you’re providing information to a trusted company when, in fact, you’re giving it to a criminal.


Whenever you are on a secure website, it should start with “https”. Sometimes even if a website address contains the word “PayPal,” it may not be an authentic PayPal website.

Fake websites pose as a legitimate website in order to make you provide important information with fake log-in forms or threats that your accounts will be terminated if you do not comply.

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