Upper Body Strength Test

This upper body strength test should be performed to help you see how your current training program is helping you achieve your desired goal – namely to increase upper body strength.

upper body strength testMen should aim to do the upper body test, with a full press-up and women either box or 3/4 press-ups. If you need to use another method, if you don’t have the strength to perform a full press up, this will influence your scoring.

Remember to always perform this test, working within your own limits, and record both the method that you used, and the number of repetitions that you achieved in 1 minute.

Always warm up your upper body muscles and give them a good stretch prior to performing this test, it may only be a 1 minute workout but you will certainly feel sore the following day if you forget to stretch.

As you become fitter you may decide to change your press up style, for example go from a 3/4 press up to a full press up, however you will clearly do less repetitions when you make the exercise harder.

If possible try and get someone to count the repetitions for you, making sure that only the good reps count – its easy as you become tired not to lower down as far as your first rep.

Focus on keeping good form throughout, there is nothing wrong with stopping for a few seconds to shake the arms out before continuing.

18 – 35 < 17 18 / 29 30 / 39 40 +
35 – 50 <12 13 / 20 21 / 30 31 +
50+ <8 9 / 15 16 / 22 23 +
18 – 35 <12 13 / 19 20 / 29 30 +
35 – 50 <10 11 /16 17 / 24 25 +
50+ <8 9 / 13 14 / 20 21 +

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