World fastest bicycles

I was wondering which are the fastest bikes, and i was suprised to see that, the fastest by far are the recumbent bicycles.

They are faster than normal bikes, as comfortable as your favorite living room chair, consume no fuel and… are rarely seen in the streets.

Recumbent bicycles generally differ from your normal bikes by having a comfortable chair in place of the saddle and placing the pedals higher so that you can use them in the reclined position. This design holds numerous world speed records for human-powered vehicles (HPV), including a speed record of 132.47 km/h, which was achieved by Canadian cyclist Sam Whittingham at 2008.

Canadian Sam Whittingham has set the world speed record on a Diablo III recumbent in September 2008.

Can you imagine someone in a triathlon race, where athletes are usually biking around 40 km/hour, to have  a bicycle like that, running at 130 km/hour?

Maybe i should consider it seriusly!


About swimbikerun1
Devoted Father, Husband and Employee.Endurance sports fanatic (running,cycling,swimming).Triathlon athlete and coach.If only days had more than 24 hours.

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